Seal Coating

As a developer partner with Aikens Group, H&W Construction realizes that the parking lot is the ‘Welcome Mat’ for most businesses.  As part of their internal maintenance program for the Aikens Group, H&W Construction has invested in a cost-savings ‘Pavement Maintenance Program’.

Seal Coating provides an effective way to both seal cracks and coat your asphalt parking lots at substantial savings.  H&W does this by using high-powered hydraulics to spray high quality Seal Master asphalt pavement sealer which protects and beautifies asphalt pavements for commercial properties, parking lots, shopping malls, airports, roadways, driveways, pothole repair and more.

Seal Coating is a low cost environmentally conscious alternative to asphalt resurfacing.  Lasting from four to five years, Seal Coating will enhance the look of your properties as well as giving them that new jet-black finish.

Call H&W Construction to invest in a new look which will DOUBLE THE LIFE  of your asphalt pavement as well as show you are a growing prospering business.