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Gore & Funkhouser/Racey Hall Dormitory

During the past two summers H&W has helped construct and renovate the Gore and Funkhouser dormitories. In the summer of 2011 H&W constructed a 2285 square foot common space for the students to include a lounge and study area. The unique piece of this addition was the green roof that was added to the addition. The inside of the structure is uniquely been kept modern while the outside of the structure marries well with the two existing dormitories. During the summer of 2012 H&W helped with the renovation of 78 rooms, dormitory restrooms and shower rooms. During each summer these projects were constructed in a very limited period of time between summer graduation and the return of students in the fall.

  • Client – Shenandoah University
  • Architect – David Ganse Architect
  • Location – Winchester Virginia
  • Attributes – Green Roof, University Construction, New Construction, Modern Construction