FOCUS Management Approach

When partnering with any General Contractor it is important for one to understand that companies management process. At H&W Construction, we pride ourselves on on making sure our customers are taken care of and their project is managed professionally. We do this through a process called Focus Management. Focus is defined in Websters Dictionary as giving concentrated effort or attention to a particular thing so that it can be defined with clarity. H&W takes this definition and breaks it down to define how focus is achievable while working on any project.

(F) Frame Work

The first step in any project should be the creation of a plan or framework so that a strong foundation can be laid.  By planning ahead, reasonable goals and expectations are set.  Before a project is started, H&W develops a framework for the project by evaluating it through the client’s eyes. H&W strives to do this by understanding the clients’ wants, and to form a clear picture of their particular vision and expectations by developing an understanding of their business, budget goals, schedule, and decision-making process.  This formulation helps to create a team atmosphere with the owner so that goals are reasonable and attainable.

(O) Openness

H&W believes that in order to have a successful project there must be open communication between all team members. This allows for suggestions to be made throughout the project and acceptance for differences in opinions.  This open dialog between parties is established by having routine meetings on a biweekly or monthly basis. Attendees to these meetings would include, but are not limited to, the General Contractor, Subcontractors, Engineers, Architects and the Owner.  H&W believes in having an open door policy when discussing any situation. This openness allows trust to be formed between all parties involved.

(C) Confidence

Strong leaders are essential for any project.  H&W ensures that we will provide you with a team that you have confidence in.  Our team members operate with a positive “can-do” attitude that is proactive to any situation that may arise, recognizing that we cannot control everything that happens, but we can choose how to react to those occurrences.  H&W team members exhibit persistence and passion with their daily work to keep your project moving ahead.

(U) Unity

To have cohesion on any project there must be unity.  H&W believes that in order for people to work together there must be cooperation and a proactive attitude.  This driving force and striving to meet the same goals helps move a project along.  This unity must be formed with all team members involved with the project, realizing the importance that each individual plays from the top of the ladder to the bottom.

(S) Service Oriented

Success is not reached until all team members are satisfied.  Therefore, H&W pays very close attention to all details when constructing a building, and ensures that there is follow-through all the way to the end of a project.  This attention to detail allows us to minimize punch-out items on our jobs at completion.  Along with this H&W stands behind its product and services for a period of one year form completion for the customer.